Learn a new skill or sharpen one, expand the contours of your creativity with Design Indaba’s Nightschool: A series of masterclass sessions taking place every evening in a 'take what you need' format, spanning the disciplines of creativity, design and innovation.

The 45-minute classes feature intimate sessions with well-known local and international presenters, each a master of their respective field. There are multiple sessions each evening at the masterclass tent on the Artscape piazza.

Wednesday, 27 February

17H30 - 18H15: Light Space Life: Architecture & Future Tech - Hosted by Stefan Antoni & Greg Truen 

The discussion will be on the future of where architecture and technology intersect and what this means for the next generation of architects. SAOTA will also be showcasing its LUX Walker technology at the Masterclass, which is an immersive VR program that allows architects to fully enter their projects in virtual reality. Attendees to the Masterclass will be able to experience the LUX Walker technology first hand.

18H30 - 19H15: The relationship between human narrative and technology - Hosted by Adrian Steirn

Adrian will be speaking about the relationship between human narrative and technology and how the changes in media are affecting our communities. He is a photographer and filmmaker who focuses on using the visual arts for social change. He is the founder of Ginkgo Agency, which specialises in content format creation and distribution, as well as 21 ICONS and Beautiful News, editorial content formats that showcase and celebrate the collective goodness in humanity.

19H30 - 20H15: Design Thinking to make you Harder To Kill - Hosted by Conn Bertish; Cancer Dojo

The workshop that may save your life. Learn about the skill of Design Thinking as a tool for your own health and wellbeing. Listen and engage in a powerful story of Design Thinking Resilience in action. Start generating your own creative resilience strategy. Use your skill as a creative person to help empower cancer patients. Walk out the workshop with a fresh view of the power of Design, in a world under stress.

Thursday, 28 February

17H30 - 18H15: Mobility Tomorrow: How a bicycle will shape the future of Mercedes-Benz South Africa - Hosted by Emily Shaw

What does one of the world’s biggest selling, luxury automotive brands have in common with the humble bicycle? From 2020, they may become synonymous. In this informal and inspiring talk, Shaw unpacks the brand’s future mobility strategy through the lens of progress via regression and shows how South Africa’s socio-economic position has not derailed relevance for Mercedes-Benz, but rather been the source of its greatest purpose

18H30 - 19H15: Where do ideas come from? - Hosted by Mukondi Ralushayi and Nkgabiseng Motau

An interactive break down of techniques used to generate powerful ideas. Exploring the concepts of idea generation and power of small moments in unlocking powerful insights. This masterclass shares universal insight for those looking to sharpen their ideation skills.

19H30 - 20H15: Victor Dlamini’s Portrait Studio at Design Indaba 2019 - Hosted by Victor Dlamini

Portraiture is a powerful tool to portray ourselves and others. Through portraiture, the photographer's subjects are humanised, their character revealed, and beauty is brought to life. Join famed photographer and artist, Victor Dlamini as he takes you behind the lens of portraiture. 

Friday, 1 March

17H30 - 18H15: Designing for Near Futures - Hosted by Fjord Trends

What are the next societal, technological and business trends that matter? What role will design play and how will design adapt for these yet undefined challenges? In this session, we’ll delve into the themes contained in this year’s Fjord Trends Report, exploring themes that are shaping our collective futures. Expect an immersive, mind bending co-creation session that will use speculative design to imagine what the not-too-distant future might hold, how we might solve for it, and what this might mean for design.

18H30 - 19H15: Food Design & Innovation- Hosted by Leah Bessa

Leah Bessa will sharing her experience with Food Design as well as her insights to creating disruptive innovation that addresses, human, environmental and social challenges in the food industry. Join in for this interactive session on the future of sustainable food design.

19H30 - 20H15: How Do We Taste Coffee? - Hosted by Winston Thomas

Freshly brewed insight into the coffee drinking experience and the role it plays in modern society. Winston is a Civil Engineering student at CPUT and a qualified barista. Along with completing his National Diploma, Winston has won numerous Barista industry awards, including the South African Aeropress Championship in 2016, Western Cape Barista Championship for 2017 & 2018, the South African Barista Championship in 2017 & 2018 title and most recently the Africa Barista Championship title for 2019. 

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