How a bicycle might help shape the future of Mercedes-Benz South Africa

What do a charity and a luxury car manufacturer have in common? A lot more than you’d think, thanks to the new strategy created to explore lateral mobility by Mercedes-Benz. The relationship between Qhubeka and Mercedes-Benz is a fascinating one – not just because of its purpose-driven nature, but because of how the bicycle will position Mercedes-Benz in the future.

The bicycle is one of the most energy efficient forms of transport ever created and the impact of owning one in townships and outlying areas is significant. Bicycles assist children in getting a better education through school attendance, adults to better their business performance, health workers to get access to their patient's quicker and young cycling talent to be nurtured through empowerment. Now Mercedes-Benz lends its internationally renowned design skills and specialty to the manufacturing of these bicycles through funding, grants and actual production in order to expand the brands own definition of what it means to progress and move people forward.

Be part of the movement and experience one of the Qhubeka bicycles at Design Indaba where you can cycle to the first Digital Art Museum in South Africa. Book your ticket at no additional cost and join us at the Qhubeka stand at Design Indaba to start your journey.

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